Student Orientation

New student orientation will be on Friday August 26th from 8:30am to 3:00pm. This orientation is required for all students who were admitted as of January 2016 or later. In other words, if you enrolled at PBC after Fall orientation last year, then your attendance at this year’s orientation is mandatory.

Orientation will be held at our campus: 409 N. Front Street in Medford. Light morning refreshments and lunch will be provided! Orientation Schedule 2016-2017.

PBC launches new Associate’s Degree

PBC is now offering a new Associate of Liberal Arts Degree beginning Summer of 2016. The new degree is a low-cost option for students who want to complete their first two years of college locally and move on to a four-year university.

About the Program

The Associate of Liberal Arts (ALA) is an interdisciplinary program of study that provides a broad exploration of the ideas, values, issues, and heritage of civilization. Students develop a broad understanding of the liberal arts and sciences, their interrelationships, and their integration with the Christian worldview. This core program offers instruction in Bible, theology, philosophy, fine arts, literature, communication, language, math, science, social sciences, and writing.

2016-2017 Calendar

Home School/College Credit Program

Home schooling juniors and seniors can now register at PBC to earn transferable college credits while completing high school graduation requirements. PBC offers workshops for homeschool parents and students to help inform them about this process. If you are interested in attending a workshop, contact the school at 541-776-9942.

One Family’s Experience

Home schooling parent’s quote: “Taking courses at PBC during high school has greatly benefited our two home schooled students! They are now enrolled in a four year university better prepared for college-level coursework and having fulfilled certain degree requirements ahead of time. The credits from PBC transferred easily and our family was able to save a considerable amount of money.”  Download a Homeschool Brochure or apply: go to: Start Application

NEW Art Course Offered!

Introduction to Drawing/Color Theory will be offered during the Fall 2016 Semester on Thursdays 6-9!


Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and color theory. This course focuses on the development of observational skills and drawing techniques, employing a wide range of drawing media and subject matter. Students in this course will develop both technical abilities and creative responses to material and subject matter. Our goal is to awaken and embolden students to take responsibility for naming, developing, and expressing their creative gifts. Because the Arts are a large part of Christian worship, students are taught to use their talents for the glory of God in church, school, and the community. No prior experience with drawing is required or expected.

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