Pacific Bible College is a candidate for accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of ABHE. Association of Biblical Higher Education, 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407.207.0808. The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) is a North American agency, made of approximately 200 postsecondary institutions throughout North America specializing in biblical ministry formation and professional leadership education. ABHE exists to enhance the quality and credibility of higher educational institutions that engage students in biblical, transformational, experiential, and missional higher education through accreditation, professional development, and collaborative engagements benefiting the Kingdom of Christ. (see ABHE Commission on Accreditation Certificate granting PBC candidate status)

Is ABHE recognized by the U.S. Department Education?   Yes.

Official recognition of United States accrediting agencies began in the 1950s when the US government decided to designate accrediting agencies as “gatekeepers” relative to student financial aid eligibility. The Association for Biblical Higher Education in Canada and the United States (ABHE) has held such recognition since its inception. Today, ABHE is also listed by the United States Department of Education as a recognized institutional “gatekeeper” accrediting agency. USDE recognition extends as well to ABHE’s candidate (pre-accredited) institutions. The Commission’s accredited and pre-accredited member institutions are also recognized by the Department of Justice, the Veteran’s Administration, and other relevant federal agencies in the United States. USDE recognition is currently limited to undergraduate education (including both traditional and distance education modalities).

Is ABHE Recognized by Professional Peers?  Yes.

ABHE has also earned recognition as a national, faith-based accrediting agency by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the successor of the Council on Postsecondary Education (COPA), and subsequently the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary accreditation (CORPA). ABHE’s scope of CHEA recognition includes institutions and programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels through traditional and distance education modalities.

Is ABHE Recognized Internationally?  Yes.

ABHE is recognized by the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), the theological education affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance. The Council is a global community sponsored by eight continental/regional associations of theological schools.