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PBC utilizes all three academic writing style formats in its curriculum. The default style that a PBC student is required to use is MLA, unless otherwise stated by an instructor. Guidelines for how to write in proper MLA, APA, and Chicago format can be found through Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL).*

*It should be noted that some instructors will deviate from some of the guidelines stated in OWL; the rule of thumb for all students is to follow the guidelines of the instructor over that of any handbooks or OWL. If you are unsure what your instructor requires, ask them.

Academic honesty is required of every student who attends a PBC class. This means turning in work that is your own, giving due credit to those whose ideas and words you use, and refraining from cheating. Academic honesty is treated very seriously and any proven instance of cheating or plagiarism will result in serious disciplinary action.

Not every instance of plagiarism is a blatant act or malicious in intent. Often, plagiarism is due to sloppy research and a lack of understanding concerning proper citation. To help you understand what plagiarism really is and give you tools to prevent it in your work, click on the button to visit the website

When it comes time to research for a paper, students need to find primary and secondary sources that tell them more about their topic and help support their thesis. Online sources need to be approached with caution, but they can be some of the most valuable in the research process – if you know where to look. The buttons below will take students to different research databases where they can look up Peer Reviewed Articles, Magazine and Newspaper Articles, Book Reviews, and Abstracts.

Whether you need to brush up on your math and reading skills or you want help looking into potential careers, Learning Express can help. Set up a free account through PBC’s portal and start using the available resources to help you become a more successful student and prepare for life after college.