How do I apply to Pacific Bible College?

Applications may be completed by mail or online:

If you are applying online, first fill out the contact information form below. Once this is done, you will be prompted to begin your application. You will also receive an e-mail containing a link to your online application, which you will be able to save and come back to later if needed.

If you have questions about applying or require assistance. . .

Contact our office Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm: (541) 776-9942, or email

Apply NOW!

Is there an application fee?

Newly admitted students will be charged a one-time non-refundable admissions fee of $50 for undergraduates and $30 for self enrichment/audit students.

What documents will I need to complete my application?

In order to evaluate your application, we will require you to submit the following documents:

  • Two personal references (submitted electronically).
  • One pastoral reference (submitted electronically) (Spiritual Life Recommendation Form).
  • High School Transcripts or equivalent, e.g. GED.
  • Transcripts from all previous undergraduate institutions you have attended.
  • A 500-word personal testimony.

How can I get help completing my application?

It is PBC’s goal to make the admissions process as easy as possible. Contact our office Monday through Friday 9am-5pm if you have questions or require assistance.

My application is submitted! Now what?

Once your application is complete and all required documents have been received, an admissions representative will contact you with the college’s admissions decision. From here, you will be asked to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor and register for your first classes.

When can I pay my bill?

Students are usually billed after the second week of the semester. Payments can be made at any time through your student account in Populi. You may also pay by telephone or in person Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Where can I find out more about your degree programs?

Are you interested in pursuing one of our associate degrees? Go here to learn more about our offerings. This will help you select the correct online application.