A survey and expositional study of the five books of Moses called the Pentateuch. Explores these Old Testament books in light of their theological, historic, cultural, political and geographic backgrounds. Their theological and practical message in relation to the unfolding divine plan of redemption is examined. Critical questions regarding inspiration, canonization, interpretation, and authorship will […]

American Political Founding

Examines the course of political thought from modern through contemporary times with a focus on American political culture. Beginning with English declarations of rights and freedoms and continuing through the American colonial period and the founding era. Among other texts, we will study the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalists, and […]

Conceptual Physics

This course covers the fundamentals of physics from a conceptual rather than a mathematical viewpoint. Students will learn how physics underlies their everyday experiences. Real-life applications, which every student can relate to, will be used to explain concepts such as motion, matter, Heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and light. Numerous discussions, video demonstrations, and discovery-based laboratories […]

Intermediate Guitar & Worship

This two-unit course is designed for the intermediate guitar player who already has a solid grasp of basic chords and scales but wants to expand their knowledge and technique while learning more about the power and purpose of worship from a biblical perspective. Daily practice and keeping up with the reading and writing assignments are essential components for […]

World Geography

Examines the 11 regions of the world and their interconnections. Perspectives from biblical, physical, political, historical, economic, and cultural geography are used to characterize the individual regions and the ways in which they are knit together into a spatial framework.


Hebrews contains two basic charges — the supremacy of Christ over all, and the necessity of Christians persevering in their Christian walk. This course will provide an exposition of the book of Hebrews with special attention to its historical setting, occasion and purpose, structural features, use of the Old Testament, Christology, and other key concepts […]

General Epistles

Hebrews reveals how life in the Kingdom is grounded deeply in Christ’s work as High Priest. The General Epistles work out many of the practical implications of this new Kingdom life we share as the community of the King. This course will survey these books, presenting the literary structure, the theological implications, and the practical […]

Health and Fitness for Life

Examines the relationship between optimal health, wellness, and physical fitness by gaining knowledge of the interacting roles of physical fitness, nutritional status, and the ability to cope with stress. Provides and in-depth look at biblical tenants and practices that contribute to good physical and mental health.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a learned skill applicable both ministerially and in the professional arenas.  This course offers the student necessary training to effectively and persuasively communicate in the public speaking forum.  Building on skills learned in CO 101, students learn content, organization, and delivery of informative and extemporaneous speeches.

Rhetoric and Logic

Logic is the art of thinking rightly and Rhetoric is the art of persuasive communication. This course provides an introduction to logic, critical thinking and persuasive communication. Students will learn the distinction between logic and rhetoric, the distinction between deductive and inductive arguments, the analysis of ambiguities and the nature of common fallacies in reasoning. […]

Intro to Christian Apologetics

Students will examine the art and discipline of Christian Apologetics. Part One of the course will explore types and purposes of apologetics; the integration of apologetics with culture; epistemology in a postmodern context; and historical apologetics. In Part Two, the student will explore issues in apologetics including origins, the existence and nature of God, the […]

Foundations of Western Political Thought

Survey and examination of the history and critical and enduring ideas in political thought from its roots in the ancient world up through the French Revolution. Students will be exposed to basic methods of the discipline and the fundamental issues of biblical integration and political science.

Fundamentals of Communication

Communication is a God-given gift that benefits from training and practice in all areas of life. This course presents an overview in the theory and practice of communication: intrapersonal, interpersonal, intercultural, group, and in the public arena. Students will be empowered to observe and analyze communication, and to communicate more effectively with others in daily […]

General Psychology

This course is designed as an introduction to the field of psychology and the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. It will provide an introduction into the major principles and theories of human psychology. We will  provide an introduction into the major principles and theories of human biology of the mind, a basic […]

Intermediate College Algebra

Intermediate College Algebra is designed to prepare students to succeed in their future college math classes. Students will learn the basic algebra necessary for studying college algebra and/or statistics. This course covers algebra topics that include problem solving, linear equations, systems of equations, polynomials and factoring techniques, rational expressions, radicals and exponents, and quadratic equations.

Introduction to Drawing/Color Theory

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and color theory. This course focuses on the development of observational skills and drawing techniques, employing a wide range of drawing media and subject matter. Students in this course will develop both technical abilities and creative responses to material and subject matter. Our goal is to awaken and […]

General Biology II w/ Lab

Course content is intended for pre-professional students preparing for the biological sciences, science education, nursing and medicine related fields. It extends and builds on concepts covered in General Biology I, such as the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems of plant and animal life, including man. Also covered are plant growth, regulation, reproduction, pollination […]

Group/Family Counseling

The Group Counseling course is designed to offer students preparing to enter a helping profession with an understanding of group/family theory, and understanding of the types of groups used in group counseling, and the experience of being a member in a counseling group/family. The course focused on methods, problems, and leadership skills in working with […]

Introduction to Poetic Expression

This course will introduce the main concepts of both poetic theory and poetic technique. It will cover a wide expanse of poetry from ancient Hebrew poetry to modern American poetry and will include instruction in how to read and write poetry in a verity of genre. This course is a broad immersion in the appreciation and production of […]

Spanish I

Begins the systematic study of Spanish emphasizing speaking and listening, basic grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and conversation practice. One specific outcome of this course is that students will be able to communicate the Gospel and basic principles of the Christian faith in Spanish.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is the accumulative effect that individuals, events and processes have had on us in conjunction with our responses to them. This course is designed to examine these elements and how we can maximize them for the Kingdom of God. Spiritual formation is more than just what happens to us but what we allow […]

Icons of Western Literature

Provides a glimpse into the effect of Christian thought on Western culture through a sampling of iconic writings of the Western world. The course is organized chronologically beginning with early Greek literature in order to create a baseline. It then moves to Beowulf – one of the earliest Christian epics, to The Canterbury Tales, a […]

History of Western Civilization I

Explores the recurring political, economic, intellectual, diplomatic, and social themes in the history of western civilization from the time of the ancient Greeks until the middle of the eventeenth century with emphasis on the impact of Christianity on the western world.

Renaissance and Reformation

History is part of God’s general revelation to mankind and as such has value to the believer in learning wisdom and living charitably among the wider Body of Christ. The period we know today as the “Renaissance and Reformation” conjures in most modern minds a vague image of paintings and church squabble. In truth, this period (1400 – […]

Christ in Culture

This course is an introduction to cross-cultural witness and Missions as presented in the Bible and practiced by followers of Jesus Christ throughout Church history; especially in the past several centuries. Selected biblical passages will be studied to better understand God’s mandate for His Church. Special attention will be given to the critical importance of […]

Christian Counseling II

Christian Counseling II will focus on the dilemmas and issues that Christian Counselors most frequently encounter. There are two parts to the 15 week course. Part I and II will focus on walking with the client through both relational concerns as well as spiritual understandings of how God works through our pain. Some of the sessions included in […]

Old Testament Survey

Quote from student, “I absolutely loved the class, hope to be able to take another one from Brian. Definitely planning to continue on with PBC.”


St. Paul’s epistle to the Romans is, according to many scholars, the most important single theological treatise in the New Testament. Though it is certainly a pastoral letter, yet it is also a rich and comprehensive doctrinal treatment of the gospel. One commentator refers to it as “The Gospel According to Paul.”This 3-unit survey course […]

Counseling Field Experience

Student quotes, “(This class) helped me learn about myself and if I should continue in counseling courses. If you are trying to decide if counseling is God’s will (for you) this class will help with that process.” “Great for beginning counseling students.” “Very informative, great experience as a developing counselor.”

Life Span Development

The study of psychological theories of human growth in the physical, cognitive, emotional, moral, and social domains: the usefulness of developmental theory for construction methodology integrated with Biblical thought to be implemented in counseling and ministry.

Gender, Marriage, and Family Systems

God’s original design and purpose of man — created male and female to form a family unit and the basis of society — has remained since Gen. 1. This course will inductively study the biblical theologies of this and comparatively analyze secular offerings. The student will access a complementary gender view as well as theologically […]

Man, Sin and Salvation

The outcome of theological thinking is recognition of God’s foundational reality, and the ability to understand and apply it to everyday experiences. This course will develop theological thinking introspectively by studying humanity as uniquely made in the image of God, but unable to discern God because of sin, and in need of salvation to once […]


This course will equip the student to use their solid hermeneutic bible study methods in producing consistent Biblically accurate teaching/preaching which results in the continuing maturation of God’s church as people who know God intimately though His Word and live that out in their daily life. Throughout this course we will engage in exercises which hone this skill […]

The Christ Figure in 20th Century Literature

Explores both the methods of understanding literature, and one of the ways in which Christ continues to influence secular culture. Students will examine the use of the Christ figure (a character who represents some aspect of Jesus Christ) in modern fiction. The course will cover such works as Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles […]

Introduction to Biblical Greek

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Koiné Greek, the Greek of the New Testament. The primary objective of the course is to learn the essentials of Greek grammar in order to read the Greek New Testament. You will learn the Greek Alphabet, declensions of nouns, and be introduced to verbs.

Introduction to Bible Study and Interpretation

The Evangelical Christian holds the Bible as God’s revelation of His reality to all men and as such, is foundational to all we know and experience. This course begins your journey to learn and apply theological thinking through academic study of the Bible. A survey of the languages, canonicity, and transmission of the Bible is […]

Field Ministry

Our purpose in cultivating the skills and knowledge that equip a servant in God’s Kingdom is for that servant to grow and bear spiritual fruit within the environment of applied ministry. To that end, this course is designed to engage the student in individual and/or group ministry under the direction of a local Christian church, a ministry outreach agency […]

Fundamentals of Speech

Verbal communication is a God-given gift that benefits from training and practice in all areas of life. This course examines aspects of communication such as listening, self-concept, self-disclosure, conflict resolution, and nonverbal communication. This course will observe, analyze, and apply concepts of interpersonal communication in relational contexts including friendships, family, church, and work.

Worldview and Biblical Reality

Worldview is the Operating System used by every human mind that has ever lived. As the cumulative outcome of our experience, beliefs, assumptions and choices, our worldview is the lens through which we perceive, ponder & interpret every sense impression and thought we experience. Most worldviews are taken for granted by their possessors, only rarely […]

English for Beginners

This is a beginner English/Grammar course for those whom English is a second language. Students learn basic grammar structures and vocabulary of the English language through the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  The class will cover many relevant topics including basic conversation, sentence structure, writing basics, as well as review basic English grammar. […]

The Gospels

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ and his inaugurated Kingdom are central to the Christian faith. This course will explore His life and teachings as presented in the four theological biographies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It will also examine ways we may study these books for further understanding, including genre, literary framework, use of the […]

Counseling Practicum I

Building upon concepts and skills learned in Christian Counseling I & II, this course provides students with the opportunity to observe individual counseling techniques and skills in a supervised setting. Students will be mentored in the counseling process during sessions with peers and counselees. Students are required to complete minimum 45 hours of supervised experience.

New Testament Survey

This course will survey the entire New Testament, looking at the Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke & John) with respect to how they relate to one another as well as the content they possess. The remainder of the books will be addressed primarily on individual basis. We will examine the historical settings, theological significance and […]

los Evangelios

La vida y enseñanzas de Jesucristo y la inauguración de su Reino son esenciales a la fe Cristiana. Este curso explorará su vida y enseñanzas tal como son presentadas en las cuatro biografías teológicas de Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan. También examinará las formas en que podemos estudiar estos libros para un más amplio entendimiento, […]

Christian Counseling I

Within a Biblical foundation Christian Counseling I focuses on basic counseling skills such as Discerning, Encouraging, Listening, Confronting, and understanding Personality Types. In addition to skill building, this course also establishes the foundations of Ethics and Confidentiality necessary for the professional counselor. Actual practice of counseling skills will be in and out of class. This […]

Church History Survey

History is part of God’s general revelation to mankind and as such has value to the believer in learning wisdom and living charitably among the wider Body of Christ. This course will provide the student with an overview of the major events, personalities, and movements of the Christian Church from its beginnings at Pentecost to […]

Beginning Guitar and Worship

This two-unit course is designed for the beginning guitar player who is interested in learning the basics of worship guitar while growing deeper into the heart of worship. Commitment to daily practice and keeping up with the reading and writing assignments is another critical component.

Theories and Systems of Psychology

A comparative survey of contemporary theories and their etymology from the field of psychology as they relate to the human condition. Primary goal is to develop Christian-based thought, through which to filter theories and systems, for assimilation into Christian counseling and ministry.

Abnormal Psychology

This course explores a wide variety of psychological disorders, where students will learn the presenting symptoms, criteria, possible causes and treatments for each disorder discussed. A variety of class activities, such as a small group exercises, videos, case studies – are going to be integrated in the class to understand each mental disorder. Additionally, clinical […]

Formación Espiritual

La formación Espiritual es el efecto acumulativo que individuos, eventos y procesos han tenido en nosotros en conjunto con nuestras respuestas a ellos. Este curso está diseñado a examinar estos elementos y cómo nosotros podemos maximizarlos para el Reino de Dios. La formación spiritual es más que lo que nos pasa. Es lo que le […]

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