FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend PBC?

Students will pay different amounts depending on whether they are enrolled to earn credit or to audit the class for their own enrichment. Credit students (those enrolled in a program) will pay $150/credit. A full time credit student, at 12 credits/semester, will therefore pay $1,800 per semester. Audit/self-enrichment students will pay $100/credit.

What are my financial aid options?

PBC offers limited needs-based financial aid through to those who apply. We also accept financial aid for veterans through the GI Bill. We are now able to disperse Title IV (FAFSA) funds. Go to our financial aid page to apply for FAFSA.  Students at PBC may also consider the many and various private scholarship & grant opportunities as an alternative to paying out of pocket for their educational expenses.

How does the cost of PBC compare with neighboring colleges?

Refer to the figures below. 

Tuition Comparison Graph

Credit Transfer Savings








Who is PBC’s accrediting agency? Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Any given academic institution is likely to be accredited by a handful of agencies. ABHE is a common accreditor of academic programs at evangelical and other Christian colleges such as Multnomah or Corban. 

How long until PBC is fully accredited?

The accreditation process is quite lengthy, and can take upwards of five to seven years. One must gradually work toward compliance with accreditation standards in every aspect of the school’s existence from the facility to curriculum to the faculty and staff. The process entails three phases: applicant status, candidacy status, and full accreditation through the given agency. PBC has just this year attained to candidacy status, which generally means that ABHE expects us, at our current pace, to receive accreditation within the next five years. 

What is accreditation and why does it matter?

Accreditation is primarily about peer recognition and our relationship with other institutions of higher learning. Practically speaking, this means that general transferability of credits earned at PBC depends on recognition of what we offer by other institutions, the accreditation agency being a kind of guarantor of our institutional and academic quality and integrity. 

Will all of my credits at PBC transfer to another school?

No school is ever under obligation to accept transfer credits from another institution regardless of accreditation. However, PBC does have articulation (i.e. credit transfer) agreements with:

  • Corban University
  • Montana Bible College
  • Multnomah University
  • New Hope Christian College
  • Northwest Christian University
  • Oak Hills Christian College
  • Simpson University

We’ve also had students successfully transfer a number of credits to Rogue Community College and a handful of other schools with whom we have no formal agreement. Hence, in practice, many registrars will examine this issue on a case-by-case basis. 

How do I apply for classes?

Applications are completed online through our website: www.pacificbible.com. Call our office Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm for assistance with your application. You may also visit us at 28 S Fir Street Suite 212 in Medford for a tour of the facility and to ask any questions you might have. We strongly encourage all prospective students to visit us at least once to sit in on a class and see what we have to offer!