It is the mission of the PBC Library to provide students with relevant resources and information to help them with their studies and to make information available on how to find these resources. Below are guides for helping students and patrons navigate the Library and its resources.

PBC Library

Library 101 Guide

This guide is a crash course in how to use the PBC Library. It will provide you with information on the Library mission statement, what classification system we use, where to search for books, how to check out books, and the major policies concerning use of the school’s Library. Click the button to open the guide.


How to Navigate the Library

If you are new to the Library, it can be confusing to try to navigate. If the Librarian is present, you can ask their assistance. Otherwise, here is a handy guide to help.

Call Numbers

Understanding Call Numbers

The PBC Library uses the Library of Congress classification system. This guide will give you a basic idea of what a call number is, what the symbols mean, and how to find the book you need.

PBC Library

Finding Degree Specific Books

Because the Library of Congress system categorizes books by subjects, some of the books that are in the same genre will be in very different places because of the subject matter. For example – if you look in the section that is specific to Counseling, you won’t find some of the Psychology related books. If you are looking in the section on the New Testament, you won’t find any books on the Old Testament. These guides will break this down further for you so you can hone your search for the type of degree specific book you want.


Research outside the PBC Library

For research projects, you are going to need to look for sources beyond what the library can offer. This is where online databases with Peer Reviewed Articles, Newspaper articles, ebooks, and popular journals come in handy. PBC provides students with free access to the Gale Research database. For more information on how to search and find resources for your research projects, click on the button.