PBC Mission Statement

Pacific Bible College is a Christ-centered learning community committed to equipping students to become biblically competent, academically proficient, spiritually cultivated, and culturally engaged servant leaders.


Training students to Kingdom Think.


PBC is a biblical community established to academically instruct disciples of Jesus Christ to become kingdom thinkers and doers in every area of their lives. This vision has the following identifiable areas:

  • Provide Associate of Biblical Studies degree for ministerial work and a Certificate of Christian Ministry for either self-enrichment or lay ministry work
  • Provide a Christian post-secondary academic path for the local community by:
    • facilitating student transfer to most four year institutions of higher education
    • grounding students in biblical understanding and expression of Christ’s kingdom affecting all areas of their lives.
  • Assist local churches in edification of the Body of Christ
    • through academics to promote maturity and unity among local churches comprising the Rogue Valley
    • by partnering with local churches and Christian organizations for community outreach activities
  • Practice knowledgeable Christian love in the Rogue Valley.


The community of PBC strives to exercise the following core values at every level/opportunity:

  • submissive attitude toward Biblical authority
  • pursuit of excellence in all endeavors
  • Godly integrity in all decisions
  • community orientation in all relationships
  • passion for Christ’s kingdom work
  • authentically exercise of His love