Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science in Christian Counseling (AASCC) is a transitional program designed to train students who are capable of providing counseling with individuals, couples, and families under the organizational supervision of local churches, shelters, and recovery clinics. It is also an excellent application based preparation for a baccalaureate program in Counseling and Psychology, Social Work, Missions, Ministry and other care-giving related areas. Christian Counseling:

  • Provides assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social or psychological problems upon biblical principles.
  • Provides guided practical application of principles and theories in psychology and social sciences.
  • Applies critical thinking towards the integration of theological precepts and the exercising of counseling activities.

Through the AASCC program, the goal is to produce students who:

  1.  Are equipped with the knowledge and skills to counsel in the church and for outreach to the community.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of practical counseling strategies through the study of biblical, theological and psychological foundations.
  3. Are able to provide guided practical application of principles and theories in real‐life settings.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking in the integration of theological precepts and the exercising of counseling activities.

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What can I do with the AASCC?

The Associate of Science in Christian Counseling degree is catered towards work in the human services and for ministry with churches. Human services can include working with programs that aid low-income families, specific programs for women, men, and children, programs that work with those going through recovery, and counseling ministry within churches. Jackson county has many options for those looking to work in human services. Click on the link below to view Jackson County Mental Health’s list of mental health resources to get an idea of different local programs.

Course Descriptions

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Meet the Staff

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