Transcript Services

Use this form to request official transcripts.

Registration Changes
The student makes the following changes online via their Populi student account:

  • Updating of contact information
  • Adding or dropping a class up to the first week of class

The student must submit a Class Status Change Form for the following:

  • Changing from audit to credit or vice-versa
  • Withdrawal from a class

Student Life: Event Application Form

To host an event that is endorsed by PBC, a Student Event Application will need to be filled out 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the event date.

Pacific Bible College encourages a vibrant student life and endorses any and all extracurricular academic and non-academic events, clubs, and organizations that are in accord with PBC policies concerning Student Conduct and the Statement of Faith. Promotion of events endorsed by the college is the responsibility of Student Development in partnership with the Event Coordinator. PBC reserves the right to cancel an event if it fails to meet our stated policies concerning student conduct or the Statement of Faith; will be impacted by inclement weather or other potentially dangerous environmental factors; or will create an unsafe, threatening, hostile, etc. environment to students, faculty, and staff.

All decisions regarding the feasibility, promotion, and execution of specific events, including cancellations, are the responsibility of the Event Coordinator.

For approved events, cancellations are to be determined by the Event Coordinator in collaboration with Student Development. Notification of cancelled events will be the responsibility of Student Development.